Screenwriting and Filmmaking

Drinkstorm Studios is the production company I run with Charlie Hatton.  You can find all our updates on films, webseries, stageplays, and book releases there.  

Magicland is Drinkstorm Studios' award-winning comedy webseries about a dysfunctional mom-and-pop theme park in Ohio. 

I run screenwriting classes and one-on-one writing coaching through my screenwriting blog The Script Scribe  I have been on hiatus to get the Things That Make You Go Yuck! books out, but I will be picking this site back up in early 2017.

In 2012, my frequent film/writing partner Andrea Henry and I become one of five finalists in this competition hosted by the New York Television Festival. The network and festival gave us a budget to build out our TV pitch, which was based on our first short documentary, There She Is.... In 2013, our pitch Ms. Pink became a semi-finalist in the contest.