Science, Sno-cones, and Smoke

Hello everyone!

I hope your 2016 has been fruitful so far! It has been for me, so I have a few updates on some really fun projects. 

I'm happy to announce that my writing partner Charlie and I are under contract with a well-known educational book company to write a "for fun" science book series for middle-schoolers. The series releases on Oct 1, and it will be a total of four books. More on that in the coming months. 


Our goofy webseries Magicland has been making the rounds to film festivals far and wide. Magicland follows the crazy carnies of a mom-and-pop theme park in East Toledo. It recently won  Best Webseries of the Month at The Online Film Festival (TOFF), and it won second place at the 12-Month Film Festival in Romania. (ROMANIA!)

It's currently in the middle of its run at the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF) You can vote for it right here through the end of the month.

Four years ago, my friend Lizzy Miles had an intriguing idea for a book. She wanted to compile true stories about cigarette smoking written by everyone from lifelong smokers to militant never-smokers. She put these "unfiltered stories" together in a book called The Smoking Section: Memories of America's Most Hated Vice.  I am one of the non-smoker contributors, and I have two tales in it. The book is currently on sale. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read the book for free!

I received my contributor package today, and Lizzy gave the writers a little bonus -- candy cigarettes and gum!  (I received double of everything, because I contributed two essays. It pays to be prolific, kids!)  You can give the book a like on Facebook and a follow on Twitter.

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