Test the Safety of Your Meat Right in Your Kitchen!

I'm highlighting one of my freelance clients this week, because they have an innovative new food safety product, and they just started an Indiegogo campaign to fund their production!

Safe Food Scientific is the company behind Beef-Fresh Check, a biosensor that measures bacterial growth in uncooked meat. The small flat sensor slides easily into your freezer bag or storage container and measures the bacteria levels in your meat. When the bacteria reaches dangerous levels, the sensor reads "Not fresh" and the meat should be thrown away. It works on both frozen or fresh meat, and the sensors are specific to the meat protein. The first products off the line will be beef sensors. Chicken and pork sensors are currently in development.
Years of research has gone into this product, and these sensors are reliable and well-tested. Safe Food Scientific already has grocery stores ready to sell their product, so they have launched an Indiegogo campaign to fuel their first production run. You can read more about their product or support their production by backing their Indiegogo campaign!  Backers receive sensors before they even hit the marketplace and other great rewards! 

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